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Automated Labels and Barcoding


ICT provides Labels/Barcode Turn Key Solutions built using NiceLabel for distribution warehouses, Inventory Management and more!

Custom Software Applications


ICT provides custom software applications using a multitude of different Object Orientated Languages to automate processes for customers. 

Inventory Management & Reporting Systems


ICT specializes in creating custom in house Inventory Management and Reporting Services for full 100% Traceability of what is being manufactured and shipped.

Automation Sample

Enter Sales Order or Identifier


We Find Unique Identifiers in your data to be able to find all the Data needed for Label printing with One-Click.

Software Finds and Displays Data


Software Displays the important Data Corresponding with your Print.

Serial Numbers Created


The Amount of Serial Numbers needed for the print are generated based off the Order Quantity Found in the Data. They can be Vendor Specific or Customized to your Needs. Then Stored in the Database and Connected to that Order/Part Number.

Labels Print


From just Entering your Identifier and Clicking Print all your Labels with the Needed Data and Serial Numbers will Print.

Enjoy the Time Savings

In some of our Cases Studies we have reduced the Time for Printing Labels from 5 to 6 minutes for Print Jobs down to 15 Seconds or Quicker.

Custom Applications

Facial Recognition


ICT recently undertook a Project using an Open Source Library and C# to Build it's own Custom Facial Recognition Software for a Client.

Step 1


We Initialize the Software by  linking into the Labtop's Webcam. Then through our Code Find the Outline of the Face.

Step 2


The User can then Input the Name of the Person whose Face they are saving. Then our Code saves the dimensions, shadows and all data needed to remember the face

Step 3


Now the Computer can Remember the Face! Every time the Software is opened the Webcam is initialized, finds the face, then runs it through our data to find a match. Unless there is a 99.99% accuracy on a face in the data it will not display a name.

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