Recent Projects


Cubiscan 325 Project

A big undertaking that ICT recently completed was a custom piece of software for a client who was redoing their warehouse configuration. The client purchased a Cubiscan 325 and ICT wrote a custom piece of software that captured the data from the scanner then based off it's Length, Width, Height and Cube calculated a Recommendation of where to place it in the warehouse. In 1-2 seconds after the scan our software would spit out a label with the recommendation. Taking the process of picking it's new location from 60-80 seconds per item to 1-2 seconds.


Zebra TC51 Data Capture

Another recent project saw a client who needed to fill zero locations in their Carousel, so ICT created a custom Android App that captured the data in an internal scanner database. Then later on the scanners were docked and the data was uploaded into another custom piece of software that then sent the updated locations to their mainframe database.


Aj's Steak and Pizza Website

An example of our versatility. Not only do we deal with data management/custom label solutions, but we recently helped a local business create their first website. To check it out visit